Living in the Bronx, you would have seen and heard of numerous leasing companies. In fact, leasing companies are gradually catching up in number with the eateries in the city. Considering the number of eateries in the Bronx, this is saying quite a lot. So with all these companies offering various types of exotic car leasing specials, why would you choose us? What makes Bronx Auto Lease special in comparison to any other auto leasing company out there? Well, call us on 718-393-5554 and we will tell you why choosing Bronx Auto Lease is going to be the best decision you made so far.

Personalized service

To begin with, we assign you your own auto lease agent. Most other leasing companies do not have one single agent dedicated to guide you from beginning to end of the entire process. As a result, there are many overlaps and miscommunications. Sometimes a customer would provide all the necessary paperwork to a certain agent only to have to give them to another agent because the first agent was careless with your documents. Why? Because he was not dedicated to you. Or sometimes, you would have to wait for ages on the telephones in order to get through to an agent, only to have that agent be clueless about your requirements. Why? Because he was not dedicated to you as a customer. This can be extremely frustrating and a waste of your precious time.

We, at Bronx Auto Lease, know how precious your time is. And we respect it. That is why we assign a dedicated auto lease agent to handle your account from beginning to end. We make sure that we have enough staff to do this and that an agent is not given more accounts than he could handle. This is our policy of excellence and we are extremely committed to it. So with us you don’t have to wait ages on hold while some random agent picks the phone. Instead you can directly call your agent on his mobile. And we bet that even if you call your agent at 6 in the morning for any clarification, he would have the details of your auto lease process at the tip of his fingers. That is how committed we are to ensuring that you get the most personalized service out there.

With you every step of the way

As opposed to the other leasing companies, Bronx Auto Lease does not leave you alone in the middle of the auto leasing process. For someone who has never leased a vehicle before, it can be very confusing. Well, not to worry. We’ve got you covered. Our agents are not only assigned a realistic amount of accounts to handle, but are also trained to assist you in every step of the way. Whether you are doing the basic math of the auto lease, choosing a vehicle to lease or thinking how it would be delivered to your house, our helpful agents are ever ready to advise you. If something you choose it not the best for you, we tell you that too. Because we, unlike other auto leasing companies, actually care about you. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call on 718-393-5554 and we will get you through the whole ordeal without a hitch.