There are many auto leasing companies in the Bronx and almost all of them offer the same auto leasing deals, only using different terms. In your search for a car leasing company that doesn’t give empty promises, you would stumble upon Bronx Auto Lease at some point or other. Before you dismiss it as another leasing agency that offers the same old deals, give us some time. From this moment onwards, you will notice a difference. Because we are the only car leasing company in the Bronx that focuses solely on you, our customer. From choosing car leasing consultants to designing auto leasing deals and every little detail in between, our focus is on you and how we can give the best auto leasing experience you have ever had. Because unlike other car leasing companies, we realize and respect the fact that without our customers, we would be nowhere. So call us on 718-393-5554 to experience one of a kind auto leasing experience.

No more old cars

Many people question us about our ‘no old cars’ policy. We admit that old cars are classics and many people love them. We also admit that we would have made a lot more money off our unsuspecting customer had we continued to lease old cars. While many people may see this as bad move, there is another side to the story that people fail to take into consideration. Old cars, while looking vintage and elegant, are also a lot of maintenance. This is much more than the average maintenance cost that is associated with the relatively newer cars. So if you are unable to keep up with the constant maintenance fees, you may be forced to return your vehicle before your lease period is over.

Another reason why we do not lease old cars is because of their high depreciation rates. This is the rate at which the value of a vehicle goes down over a certain period of time. This rate is directly proportional to your monthly lease payment. So not only will you be spending on constant repairs and maintenance, but also high monthly lease payments. In today’s world everyone value their hard earned money and so do we. It is not within our business policies to earn off our customers unethically. This is why we are one of a kind when it comes our service and commitment to good customer service.

24 x 7 support

If you are leasing a car from us, we believe in giving you our best in every step of the way, and even after. Unlike other car leasing companies we do not push you towards a certain brand. Why? The answer is simple. We work with dealers of all types of vehicles. We help people select the vehicle that suit them best and not our purposes. If you are unable to finance the vehicle on your own and do not know from where to find the money, not to worry. We can help you there too. We, in fact, help you after you have obtained the vehicle from us as well. Just give us a call on 718-393-5554 regardless of whether you are a potential, current or an old customer. We are always happy to hear from you.