When you are looking to lease a car in the Bronx, you are going to need an auto leasing agency that is accessible, reliable and is actually willing to talk to you. If you have been in the game for a while, you would definitely have noticed that car leasing agents are not the friendliest group of people you have come across. Neither are they the clearest people when it comes to explaining things to you. You may be going to them with the hope of understanding the whole leasing process, hearing about special deals and finding your dream car. Instead you may be greeted with a few short words, some extremely technical words that you need a dictionary to understand and a sermon on choosing a car that they think is best for you. Well not with us. We, at Bronx Auto Lease, take a different approach to customer service. Give us a call on 718-393-5554 and you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Consultant Service

Have you ever heard of auto leasing consultants? Well if you haven’t, you are just about to. We at Bronx Auto Lease do not work with your average salesman. We firmly believe that pushing a customer towards a certain brand, or calling them every second of the day is not the way to get them to do business with us. So no, you will not hear from our car leasing consultants every hour of the day, asking you whether you made up your mind about a particular kind of vehicle which they think is best for you. Not unless you want them to. Instead we give you ample time to go over our extensive inventory and make up your mind about the car that you like.

We also make sure that our consultants know exactly what they are doing. If you have been to any other auto leasing company in the Bronx, or any other place in the country, you would notice that their auto leasing agents have an already made up sales pitch. If you ask a question about something that is not in their pitch, they falter. While be believe it is good to have a brilliant sales pitch, we do not recommend our consultants to be straight-jacketed into one. We follow an extensive screening process when recruiting our auto leasing consultants, and follow it up with an equally extensive training program. This is why our auto leasing consultants are able to answer any question on auto leasing. Because we believe that giving our customers the best and the most precise information is the only way to move forward in this business.

Realistic deals

The auto leasing industry is full of mind blowing deals, promising you the sky and the moon. But at Bronx Auto Lease, we only promise our customers what we can deliver. Making promises we can’t meet is simply not our style. You will see that whatever that we offer on our deals, we really do deliver, with no strings attached. So why not contact us on 718-393-5554? We are excited to hear from you.